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After several years of a stressful assignment in my current employment, I began seeking a way to enjoy life and regain my sanity (yep, I was STRESSED). My lovely wife informed me after five plus years of no evening social life due to that assignment we were about to embark on a new journey. She wanted to go out on dates again (with me of course). So as I tried to figure out what a "fun evening" would be, I found an advertisement for a Bluegrass show at The Horseshoe Theater in Mt. Vernon, MO. Long story short we went to The Horseshoe Theater and saw a Bluegrass Group called The Millers. We visited with the band and I spent some time with the Mandolin Player, Corky Dow.

On our way home I told my lovely wife that I thought I would like to learn how to play the Mandolin. Well to my surprise I was given a Mandolin for Christmas that year by my wife and son. I began taking lessons from Ron Pennington (of Lonesome Road fame) and really got to enjoying the whole experience. Ron had a great sounding Mandolin (Gilchrist) and since I was not very knowledgeable about Mandolins he gave me the scoop on how most musicians usually try to find the "perfect" instrument for them. Usually that is a "custom" built instrument. Of course I was an aspiring (being kind to myself, please don't deflate my ego) musician and I thought I was in need of that custom built instrument to enhance my playing skills. Ron told me of a custom builder in the Ozark, MO area and my search began.

A phone call later I was in the little Red Barn of John Wynn. After spending a couple of hours admiring his work I came to the conclusion I wanted a Wynn Mandolin. Of course my lovely wife encouraged my musical aspirations and said "sure you can have a new Mandolin...if I can have a new sewing machine" (always a catch). I ordered a Wynn Mandolin. Mr. Wynn told me it would be "a year or so" before my Mandolin would be complete, I thought that was a long time.

Over the course of the next several months I began visiting Mr. Wynn (I address him in this manner out of respect) on a regular basis and developed a great friendship. Many a visit reminded me of my Grandpa's old cabinet shop he used to have in Branson, MO. It was about this time I remembered seeing a Walnut mandolin back that had one of the most beautiful burl patterns I had ever seen. Another man was in the shop at this time and commented to me "John will save that piece of wood for one of his special Mandolins" in a manner that led me to believe my Mandolin would not be worthy of such a fine piece of wood. I would learn later that Mr. Wynn heard those comments and decided that piece of wood would be the back for the Red Pepper Mandolin.

During another one of my visits I learned Mr. Wynn had a deep passion for family heritage. He spoke about how he wanted people to know his ancestry, his love of Bluegrass music and the instruments he built.
The seed was planted in my mind to create the website out of admiration for all the masterpieces Mr. Wynn created and to document then in a manner the world could see. I returned home and began creating the ideas of what would be. My son's friend, Zak Lampert, has to be credited for putting my thoughts and ideas into the website design we now see. Zak, thanks you did a fantastic job!!

And that my friend is a little about me and how was born. Mr. Wynn, my next great desire is to learn how to build Wynn Mandolins and carry on this great tradition... boy I hope John Jr. and Berry don't get too upset with this idea.

Pepper Jackson

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