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This page will share with you some of the little know, unique and interesting facts about Mr. Wynn and Wynn Mandolins. One of the most interesting things about custom built instruments is the uniqueness in which they possess. One example- no two scrolls on Wynn mandolins are exactly the same. Why? Because each mandolin is handcrafted.

So enjoy and know that if you own a Wynn instrument you truly have a "one of a kind" treasure!

Above are two tributes to Mr. Wynn's family heritage. The one on the left is the hand drawn label he places in his banjos. The one on the right is what we lovingly refer to as The Little Dutch Lady, an abalone inlay that is used on occasion.
Did you know that both these designs are a tribute to Etta Wynn, Mr. Wynn's grandmother. Mr. Wynn's mother died when he was eleven years old. His grandmother, a small women of Dutch heritage, took Mr. Wynn in to live with her. Mr. Wynn said his grandmother taught him values that he still cherishes today. So in tribute to his Grandmother Wynn he created both these labels, a subtle way in which to pass along a little history about "his people."

Did you know that each abalone inlay on a Wynn instrument is handcut, a process that can take hours to complete?  In addition Mr. Wynn loves to incorporate subtle changes to his designs that few people will notice, yet it provides him pleasure as an artist.  Such is the case with his signature on the pegheads.  While no two signatures are exactly the same due to the handcutting, they remain similiar in appearance. If you will notice the one on the left is the traditional design that has been used for years.  The one on the right is the newest design he began using in late August 2008.

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