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SouthWynn is the Wynn Family Band. From this talented family many of the Midwest's finest players have emerged. The family patriarch himself; John Wynn on Banjo, Ms. Betty plays lead guitar, Berry Wynn on Mandolin, Allen Young on Dobro and Amanda Wynn (Berry's Daughter) on Bass. Other family members fill in on occasion, Ms Terry Grimes (John's Daughter) and Ms. Casey Grimes Freeland (John's Granddaughter) will bring their talents to the stage when called upon.

SouthWynn Schedule for 2010
(updates as received)

Every Saturday evening 6:30 pm at Luigi's Pizza Kitchen in Nixa, MO

Mark Wynn up front and sawing on that fiddle brought a smile to Grandma Betty's face.

Ms. Casey Grimes drove all the way from Nashville, TN to sing with her Grandpa Wynn on April 14, 2007. Ms. Casey has a tremendous voice and plays the Bass with the best of them.

While Berry Wynn usually is the Emcee when the show is going, Mark Wynn will sometimes steal the show.

With Dad, John Jr. leading the way, Mark Wynn has a great future on the Fiddle.

Amanda Wynn (Berry's daughter) another of the grandchildren, Grandpa John and Grandma Betty are so proud of.

Southwynn Band- Photo from their appearance at the Silver Dollar City Bluegrass & Barbecue Festival

On September 1, 2007 the Southwynns had some great guest appearances. First George Mason brought his great musical talents on the fiddle. Terry Grimes brought her wonderful singing and Bass fiddle skills and daughter Casey Grimes brought her beautiful voice and mandolin playing skills. It was a great evening of entertainment. More photos below.

Another great talent made her debut with a Wynn Mandolin this evening, Nicole Pey played two great tunes at the request of Mr. Wynn.

Of course I had to take this opportunity to take photos of two beautiful ladies... and their Wynn Mandolins.

More pictures of the SouthWynn Band will be posted soon.

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