Wynn Banjos

Owner- Quay Kendricks  Ozark, MO
Built- 1980
his Wynn Banjo is one of the first banjos John Wynn Built.  Quay found this Wynn in the 1992 upon returning home from the Navy.  It was found at a pawn shop in Nixa, MO.  The inlay is of a dragon. It is a fantastic sounding banjo and one which Quay is quite fond of.

Owner- Bob Thompson  Springfield, MO
Built- May 2010

There are special people in this world and Bob Thompson is one of them.  The barn in which Mr. Wynn has built his instruments over the last 30 years was in need of some repairs.  Mr. Wynn was in the process of battling cancer and could not make the repairs himself.  A longtime friend stepped up and completed the task without asking any questions. It was truly a gift of kindness. 
No good deed goes unrecognized; Mr. Wynn decided to return the favor and built Bob this wonderful Wynn banjo. It has a mandolin peghead to add to the uniqueness. 

Owner- David Arnold  Omaha, AR
Built- May 2010

David is a "Hog" fan and it is reflected in the design on his peghead.  This banjo also has his wife's name inlayed on the fretboard.  It is a great sounding banjo.

The Rufus Banjo
Serial Number- 120101
Owner- Jeff Dunlap  Nixa MO

This is a very special Wynn Banjo; first Jeff built this banjo himself under the supervision of John Wynn and along with his Wynn Mandolins "Rufus" he now has a complete set of Wynn Instruments.  Jeff incorporated very high quality parts in his banjo which includes; Sullivan Cryogenic Tone Ring, Fults '34 Parallel tailpiece and OME Top Tension Hardware.  It has a beautiful Burly Walnut back along with a Walnut Neck and Resonator.  It has a wonderful tone and has been tagged as The Banjo with the Big Bark.

Wynn Mini Banjo
Owner- ??     Ozark, MO

This is a Wynn original, it is a mini banjo which is tuned to the A chord and is smaller than a normal banjo. This style of banjo was built for children years ago.  Mr. Wynn said he built a few of these in the late 70's to early 80's.  You will notice the sound holes are in the sides of the banjo.  It is constructed with a spruce top and walnut back. The owner, whose name I have misplaced, lives in Ozark MO.  I will add his name as soon as I find it.

Owner- Phillip L. Ancipink, Nixa MO
This Wynn Banjo was handcrafted for Phillip.  It has some personal features added to it, his wife's name Sharon is inlay on the fretboard along with Phillip's initials inlayed on the peghead.  It has some great inlays along the front with a beautiful Maple back and Mr. Wynn hand carved the heel.

Owner- Gary Drennan, Nixa MO
This Wynn Banjo was purchased by Gary in the June 1988.  He had gone to the Wynn shop to order a banjo. Mr. Wynn had this one completed and Gary loved the design and sound so he purchased it.  Gary enjoys his Wynn and has played it with several bands including the group "Barefoot Bluegrass."

Owner- Dave Bales, Tombstone AZ
This banjo is a combination of both old and new.  The Wynn's purchased back one of their older banjos this past summer that was built in the early 1980's.  It was incorporated into the new neck, fretboard and peghead created for Dave Bales.  The result is this beautiful banjo that is headed southwest to create some great music.

Owner- Jeanette Staebler- California
Built- Mid 1980's

This Wynn Banjo was bought at a pawn shop about 15 years ago. The owner found the Wynn website and now it is posted. This is one of the Wynn Deluxe models and has the Don Reno inlays.  If you will notice the last photo, the small white label (lower right corner) is the label Mr. Wynn placed in his older banjos.

Owner- Clyde Carr Michigan
Built- Early 1980's

Mr. Carr is a musician whose love is Gospel/Bluegrass Music. In 1983 he happened upon a man who was in need of money. The man had two Wynn Instruments, a Jesse McReynolds Model mandolin and a Wynn Banjo. Mr. Carr made the purchase knowing he had just found two treasures. Fast forward over 25 years and Mr. Carr finds himself surfing the internet and happens upon the Wynn Mandolins website. He contacts Mr. Wynn and sends photos of these two instruments. Mr. Wynn recollection of these instruments is as follows; a man came into the shop one day and saw this banjo that Mr. Wynn had built for himself. The gentleman was persistent about purchasing the banjo and Mr. Wynn put a price on it...a mistake he would later regret. The man bought the banjo and the mandolin. Mr. Wynn said the man moved to Ohio and that was the last he saw these instruments until Mr. Carr contacted him.
Notice the detailed carving on the back of the peghead and heel of the neck. According to Mr. Wynn this was one of his favorite Banjo's and one he wishes he had back.

Owner- Stuart Spencer, Forth Worth TX
Name- Old Gold Wynn
Built- October 1983
Stu Spencer is the proud owner of this older Wynn Banjo. He discovered it was for sale in Nashville, TN and bought it after researching Wynn instruments. This Wynn was originally built for Mickey Weber of Stillwater, OK. Mr. Weber passed away a few years after it was built and it is not known where the banjo traveled from that time.
Above are the photos of the Wynn when if was found for sale in Nashville, TN. Below are the current photos of the Old Gold Wynn after it was reconditioned by Mr. Ron Satterfield of Nashville Plating Service. Stu now has a wonderful Wynn Banjo that undoubtedly will be a family heirloom for future generations to enjoy. Congratulations Stu on this great find!

Name- The Bag Piper Banjo (Berry & John Jr. have another name for it, ask them)
Serial #-
Owner- John Wynn
Note- John did all of the handcarving on the heel of the banjo himself.
New Owner- Terry Grimes, John Wynn's daughter, inherited this banjo upon his passing.

Name- The Eve Banjo
Serial #-
Owner- Anonymous
Note- Notice the detailed inlay of Eve on the peghead, the apple above her head and the snake at her feet. This is a favorite of John Wynn and he would like to buy it back from the current owner.

Updated 5-1-2010

Name- The Cecilia Banjo
Serial #
Owner- John Wynn
Note- This is one of John's favorite banjos and he has been heard to say "this one's not for sale, it's mine." He has been asked "Cecilia, is that an old girlfriend or what?" That is an answer John will have to provide himself.
Updated 5-1-2010
Mr Wynn did some updates to his beloved Cecilia banjo over the past winter.  We will let you compare the photos and check out some of the special additions/modifications he made.
New Owner- Pepper Jackson
Upon his passing, John Wynn left this banjo for Pepper. The banjo is named after the Patron Saint of Music. There is another personal story behind with this banjo, Mr. Wynn left a "little secret" for Pepper.  Next time you see Pepper ask him to tell you the story.
"Thank you Mr. Wynn, I will always treasure this banjo and our friendship." Pepper Jackson

Name- Lady Liberty
Serial #
There is a story behind this banjo; the owner advises that it began as a Gibson which was purchased from Hoover Music in the 1970's. Then when the owner's sons were in their teens they accidently ran over it with a car after unloading it at a Bluegrass Festival. While the owner took the news in stride (his sons are still alive) he knew he would need to find a new banjo. The banjo was taken to John Wynn who took some of the old parts and incorporated them into this banjo. Notice the detailed inlays along the fretboard which include; the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell.

Name- Stubby
Serial #-
Harry Moore
This is a short neck 5-string Banjo built for Harry by John Wynn. It is tuned to an "open C" according to Harry and is loud.

Owner- Bob Gideon Hurley, MO
This banjo was built in 1977 by John Wynn. Bob has played the fire out of this banjo and it still sounds fantastic. Bob had this banjo signed by the legendary Dr. Ralph Stanley, you can see the signature on the front. If you ever get the chance to hear Bob play... take it, he is one of the best banjo players you will ever hear.

Owner- Danny Bradley
This banjo was built by John Wynn in 1978, Danny is the third owner. Danny wants to thank Jill for purchasing it for him. It has a John Wynn original tone ring and is made of native walnut from the Ozarks. Danny had it signed by the legendary Earl Scruggs at a Bluegrass Festival in Eminence, MO in 2001. Danny also wants to let everyone know that belt buckles can definitely take the finish off the back of a banjo...a mistake he will never repeat.

Owner- Danny Bradley
Name- Mom's Banjo
This banjo was built by John Wynn and Danny took delivery on December 22, 2006. This is Danny's second Wynn Banjo. It was named "Mom's Banjo" in rememberance of his late Mother. Danny said his Mom bought him his first two banjos. When she passed away Danny had this one built in her memory. It is made of mahogany and John Wynn handcarved the heel himself. According to Danny it has a JLS #12 tone ring and it sounds really great.
Below is a great photo of Danny playing Mom's Banjo.  Thanks to Kay Brock for the photograph.

Owner- Mike Smading
This Wynn Banjo was built for Mike in 1986.� It was built from Walnut and Mahogany and sounds great according to Mike.� Mike said he requested it be finished in black and has his name inlayed on the fretboard. Notice the abalone cap on the heel of the neck.

Keep Checking back, more photos to be posted soon!

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