Wynn Mandolins build in the 1970's & 80's
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Model- The Mule
Serial #- not yet assigned
Owner- William Worshem

This mandolin was built in the late 1970's for "Will." It has a Mahogany back and Spruce top. His name is inlayed into the peghead with the fret makers being the letter "W." It has developed into one of those old great sounding Wynn mandos.

Model- Standard
Serial #- 801-1988
Owner- Marcus Walker  Springfield, MO

This mandolin has been handed down to the next generation. It was originally built for Lewis Wilkin who lived near Mt. Vernon, MO. After his passing years ago it made it's way to several family members, survived a tornado and finally wound up in the hands of his granddaughter's husband, who treasures it. It has a Mahogany back, Spruce top with a wine colored stain.  It is a great sounding mandolin that has found a home within the family.

Model- Experimental
Serial #- none applied
Owner- Rob Stevenson, Frisco TX

This is one of only three I am aware of, it is an experimental model Wynn mandolin Mr. Wynn built back in the early 1980's. He was looking for something easy to build, good sounding and able to compete in price with the Japanese imports. He decided after making a few of these he would return to building his style of mandolins.  Rob found this at an Estate sale in Texas.

Model- Jesse McReynolds Model J-3
Serial #- 56198256
Owner- Bob Minkler

This treasure was located and I had Bob send me the pictures last fall. It was built in 1982 and is one of the Jesse McReynolds models. It has a Spruce top and Mahogany back. According to Bob it has a wonderful tone.

Model- Wynn Standard
Serial #- Not assigned (will soon be)
Owner- Pat Dennis

This Wynn was built in 1982 and is one of a series Mr. Wynn built.  All of these mandolins have aged and have that wonderful "old" sound to them.  The peghead on this Wynn has inlaid rhinestones. It has a three piece Walnut back.

Model- Wynn A Model
Serial # 48198148
Owner- Don Canty  Tampa, FL

This is a special custom made Wynn. It was originally custom handcrafted for Paul McBride of Oklahoma.  Paul was an attorney who was a great admirer of John Wynn mandolins.  Upon his passing the mandolin was sold on EBAY to a collector on the east coast.  Don Canty purchased it in 2005 and his search for the builder began.  Recently Don happened upon the Wynn Mandolins website and his search ended.
This Wynn has a tremendous amount of inlay and several hundred hours were spent handcrafting it.  Don said it has a great sound and he enjoys playing it for his grandchildren. While this Wynn may have left the original family it was built for, Don advises it has found a home were it has become a new family heirloom.

The Standard
Serial #- not assigned
Owner- David Overhoff,  Jefferson City, MO
This Wynn was purchased by David in the early 1990's.  It was probably built in the early 1980's and was not assigned a serial number.  I will have more information on this Wynn when it comes to the shop.

Model- Wynn J-2
Serial #- 29197929 
Owner- Michael Baish
  Skagway, Alaska
This Wynn is a J-2 model commonly referred to as a two-pointer.  It was built in 1979 and is #29 of the mandolins built by Mr. Wynn.  It has a Mahogany back and Spruce top with binding on all sides.  Michael said when he purchased this Wynn he found a receipt in the case from when it was sold in 1984 at a music store in Hanover, PA for $235.  Michael lives in Alaska where he plays music for a living.

Model- Jesse McReynolds J-3
Serial #- 43198043
Owner- Bonnie Greek
This Wynn was a treasure recently discovered.  It is a early 1980's Jesse McReynolds Model that was built for Everett Greek.  Upon his passing he left it to his sister-in-law, Bonnie Greek.  This Wynn has a Maple back and Willow top. It is a family heirloom for future generations.

Model- The Standard
Serial # 801-1982
Owner- Pepper & Chris Jackson  Halltown, MO

This Wynn was built in 1982.  It has a Hemlock front & Walnut back with white binding on the front side.  Pepper found this Wynn in Ft. Smith, AR and bought it.  Mr. Wynn does not recall the original owner.  According to Mr. Wynn there were either 5 or 6 Wynns made in 1982 that had this style peghead.  Berry Wynn's "Chocolate" mandolin is a sister to this Wynn, they share a back out of the same piece of Walnut.
This mandolin has that aged, deep, woody, loud bark that is typical of Mr Wynn's older mandolins.
Pepper said he will share this mandolin with his son, Chris, so he can get a taste of what his future inheritance will be.

Model- J-3
Serial #- 30197930
Owner- Berry Wynn, Ozark MO
Berry Wynn recently purchased this mandolin back from Jeff Planko.  As previously noted, this mandolin was originally built for Berry as his first "F" model Wynn.  All the inlay designs were those created by Berry and incorporated into the mandolin by Mr. Wynn.  After playing it for about 4 years Berry was faced with a difficult decision, #15 came up for sale.  That mandolin was originally built for Dave Wilson and was patterned off of a Lloyd Loar Gibson that Mr. Wynn had for a period of time.  In order for Berry to purchase #15 he had to sell this one.
Fast forward 25 years and Berry finds that Jeff Planko purchased this mandolin.  Berry knew in his heart that he would get this Wynn back someday. Graciously, Jeff decided to sell it and Berry bought it back. Berry is happy that his "first love" has returned home.

Model- Two Pointer
Serial #- 50198150
Owner- Paul White, Fair Grove MO
This Wynn was purchased by Paul back in the early 1990's.  He let his brother have it for a number of years and recently got it back.  It has herringbone inlay on the front, Mahogany back and a rose inlay on the peghead. 

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