Wynn Mandolins built in the 1970's & 80's

Model- Wynn A Model
Name- Berry Wynn II
Serial #- 197900001
Owner- Jim Vinson,  North Carolina

This Wynn was originally built by Berry Wynn, John's son. It was his first attempt at building mandolins.  It has a beautiful inlay on the peghead which was designed by Berry and done by John Wynn.  Jim plays it daily and loves the sound of this Wynn.  Thanks to John Martin for sending in these photos.

Model- Jesse McReynolds
Serial # 171977
Owner- John Wynn
How many of us have put something away and forgot about it? If it was this treasure I think I would have remembered it at some point. While at the shop recently Mr. Wynn informed me he had found something he had forgotten about years ago. He opened up a case and this Wynn was inside. It had been sitting in a case for over 20 years and everyone had forgotten about it. Now according to Mr. Wynn he has his own Wynn Mandolin. This Jesse McReynolds model was built in 1977 and is #17 of the Wynn F-Styles. It has a beautiful blanket Maple back, Spruce top and unique Wynn original inlay on the peghead.
New Owner- Berry Wynn,
Berry inherited this mandolin from his father.

Name- Granny
Serial #- 800-001 (assigned in 2008)
Owner- Cliff Day St. Charles, MO

This Wynn was built in 1978 for an elderly lady known to Mr. Wynn as "Granny." Upon her passing Mr. Wynn purchased back this mandolin and later sold it to a young lady who attended college in Springfield. She sold it back to Mr. Wynn a short time later. It was then sold to Cliff Day in 2002 and he affectionately named it "Granny." This Wynn has a Walnut back which is out of the same piece of lumber that "Chocolate" is built from. It has found a wonderful home with Cliff and is played regularly in his church.

Model- Wynn 2 pointer
Serial#- known as the "Bean Mandolin"
Owner- Roger Wilcox Phoenix, AZ

There is a story to this Wynn- It was built in 1983, according to Mr. Wynn as it was being built it was hung up in the shop by the woodstove. One cold winter day Mark Wynn was hungry, he ran into the house and got a can of beans. He returned to the shop and decided to place the can of beans inside the woodstove on a bed of coals to warm, he returned to the house and left the beans. No one was in the shop when a loud explosion was heard. Mr Wynn ran to the shop to find a warped woodstove with the top blow off and beans splattered everywhere...including this mandolin. Beans had even made their way to the inside of this Wynn through the F-holes. To this day if you were to sniff the inside of this Wynn you can smell a can of Pork n Beans! For that reason it was never assigned a serial number, it will forever be known as the "Bean Mandolin."
Thanks Roger for sending this beautiful picture...of the mandolin (player).

Model- Jesse McReynolds- Wynnstay
Serial #- 63198363
Owner- Bob White Kansas City, MO

I happened upon this Wynn at the 2008 Wooley Creek Bluegrass Festival. As the young man played it on stage I noticed the "third point" trademark of a Wynn and made contact after the set. This Wynn was originally built for Larry Sledge of Branson, MO. Bob bought it from Larry. It has a three piece Maple back and Spruce top.

Model- 2 Pointer
Serial #- 46198046 "Oklahoma's Cherokee"
Owner- R.C. McGuire, California

This is one of a very few 2 pointer Wynns ever built. It was built in 1980 and has the name Oklahoma's Cherokee with the serial number. I inquired of Mr. Wynn about the name, he advised he used names like this to address his family's heritage. This Wynn has a Spruce top and Mahogany back. As of September 2008 this Wynn was For Sale. Refer to the Mandolin Cafe website for further details.

Model- Deluxe
Serial #- not assigned
Owner- Harry Clouse

This Wynn was built in 1979 according to Harry. It is one of a very few Wynns that has a Willow top. Berry Wynn recently played this Wynn (August 2008) at a SouthWynn's Show. He remarked as to the wonderful tone this Wynn has.

Model- Deluxe
Serial #- not assigned
Owner- Gary Nicklos Omaha, Arkansas

This is the first Wynn custom built for Gary. He had special inlays placed on the back by Mr. Wynn. This Wynn was built in the early 1980's. It has a wonderful tone which is attributed to the thousands of hours this Wynn has been played. For a look at Gary's newest Wynn visit the 2008 Wynn Page.

Serial #- Not assigned yet
Owner- Nancy Cardwell Nashville, TN

This is a mandolin that Nancy's late husband, Frank Erdos, had John build for him before he and Nancy were married. The back is Persimmon and the neck is made of Apple wood from the orchards in Seymour, MO where Frank lived after moving from Danbury, Connecticut in the early 1970's. Frank was primarily a banjo player in the popular Springfield, MO based band Homegrown. He also enjoyed playing this mandolin in duo appearances with Nancy in the late 1980's at jam sessions and around the house.
Nancy is a member of the following bands & organizations:
The Persimmon Sisters- www.persimmonsisters.com
The Scott Partridge Band- www.scottpartridgeband.com
Billy Smith Trio- www.muddysunshine.com/billysmith
Nancy has served as the Special Projects Director for the International Bluegrass Music Association since 1994. She enjoys writing songs and is a frequent freelance writer for Bluegrass Unlimited & Bluegrass Now magazines. 

Name- Hoot
Serial #- not assigned just yet (Built in 1979)
Owner- John Fullerton Branson, MO

This Wynn has one of the strongest sounds of any Wynn I have heard. John Fullerton "Branson's Singing Cowboy" is the owner of this Wynn. He plays it regularly at his show in Branson. It has an incredible blanket Maple back and was built around 1979. It is one of a few Wynns that got out of the shop without a serial number. However that will be resolved soon as Mr. Wynn goes back in his records to correct this, a number will be assigned. You can visit John Fullerton's website for information about his show- www.johnfullerton.org

Serial # 26197826
Owner- Rainer Nienaber Hamburg, Germany

The original owner of this Wynn was the Moffett family of Bolivar, MO. Dr. Moffett had it built for his daughter, Julie Moffett. In April 2008 the Moffett family sold it on EBAY and Mr. Nienaber was the lucky bidder. This is a unique Wynn one of only a few 2 pointers Mr. Wynn built. It has a beautiful Mahogany back, and Spruce top. It has a wonderful tone and certainly is a treasure.

Name- The Theresa
Serial #- 161977
Owner- Mark Moser Windsor, MO

This is a very special Wynn, first it is one of only a few A models Mr. Wynn ever built. As was Mr. Wynn's tradition in his early mandolin building he named the mandolins in honor of the women in his family. This mandolin is named in honor of his daughter Theresa (Terry Grimes). It was originally built for Mike Morgan of Morgan Music in Lebanon, MO. Before Mike had the music store he needed a mandolin for an appearance at Silver Dollar City, MO. Mr. Wynn built him this A model. When Mike got into the retail music business he sold this Wynn. The lucky person who got it is Mark Moser. This Wynn had a great sound, it has a one piece maple back and spruce top. It was built in 1977.

Model- Jesse McReynolds J-3
Serial #- 33197933
Owner- Clyde Carr Michigan

Mr. Carr is the proud owner of this Jesse McReynolds Model Mandolin along with a Wynn Banjo. He happened upon these two instruments in 1983 and bought them both. Over 25 years later he found the Wynn Mandolins website and contacted Mr. Wynn.

Serial # 15197-715
Berry Wynn
There is a great story behind this mandolin. First, John Wynn built it off the pattern of a Lloyd Loar that he had in his shop many years ago. It was originally built for a man named Dave Wilson. It is #15 of the Wynn F-Style mandolins and was built in 1977. Berry had taken notice of it and through the years kept track of it. The opportunity presented itself and Berry bought it back from Dave. John Wynn then told Berry he would build him a new mandolin and Berry parted with this one. It was a decision Berry later regretted. This mandolin found a new home and Berry happened upon it a few years later. Berry worked out an agreement to have the opportunity to buy it back someday, so he began saving his money. This is were the story gets real good... the special lady in Berry's life, Denise knew who the owner was; a man named Jun Wilson who was Dave Wilson's Uncle. She secretly bought the mandolin back and gave it to Berry as a gift. What a special lady!!! Berry has since customized the mandolin to his liking and it includes some features that have significant sentimental meaning to him.
This mandolin made its studio debut on an album by the Undergrass Boys in the early 1980's.

Name: Little Dutch Lady
Serial #
Rick O'Dell Caulfield, MO
This little lady was adopted from a music store in Mountain View, MO. According to Rick he went into the music store and asked the owner for "the best used mandolin he had." He was immediately handed this Wynn. John Wynn advised this mandolin was not assigned a serial number originally. It dates back to the early 1980's. The inlay is of a "Little Dutch Lady." This is a great mandolin and Rick was lucky to find this treasure.

Name- The Bo
Serial #- 20197820
Bo Brown
These photos come to us courtesy of Harry Moore, they are pictures of another early Wynn. Notice the smaller third point and angle of other point. In the top photo you can see the master mando player himself, Bo Brown as he admires his treasure. Update- Recently Bo brought his mandolin into the shop for repairs. I had the opportunity to take the additional photos and add this additional information; This is a Jesse McReynolds Model built n 1978. Some special features about this Wynn, Bo asked Mr. Wynn if he could incorporate some "Indian Signs" into the fretboard. Mr. Wynn did so and the pictures show the incredible artwork. Take notice of the back of the fretboard, it has been played so much the finish has been worn off. In addition Bo has such a kindred spirit with his Wynn that he takes it with him everywhere and plays it in the same manner.

Name- 2 pointer
Serial #-
Harry Moore
This is one of the early Wynns that has a special design along with an engraved end cap. While it is hard to see the label inside has a picture of a Dutch Wind Mill. John Wynn said he used these labels as a tribute to his Welsh heritage.

Serial #-
Owner- Alan Berry
This is another of John Wynn's unusual masterpieces. Alan used to deliver the mail to John Wynn and would visit with him in his shop from time to time. During one of those visits he happened to spot this mandolin hanging on the wall in the bathroom (that is where John Wynn hides his masterpieces from the public eye). While it was in need of repair, Alan pursued the matter of purchasing it from John. He was advised it was "not for sale." Alan being a persistent mailman kept bringing up the subject. One day while delivering the mail Alan discovered it had been repaired and as he put it "I was at the right place at the right time." He bought the mandolin.
Mr. Wynn tells me this mandolin was built in the early 1980's. It was sold to a neighbor who accidently did some damage to it. The mandolin was returned for repair and left. Mr. Wynn said the young man never returned to pick it up. It had hung on the wall in the bathroom of his shop for over 15 years. Many a person admired that mandolin as it hung on the bathroom wall...but only one lucky one was there at the right time to purchase it. So if you read this story and wonder about that mandolin hanging on the bathroom wall in the Red Barn...too late someone beat you to it.

Serial #-
Owner- Brian Grim
This mandolin was built under the guidance of John Wynn. Brian Grim was an apprentice mandolin builder that John helped back in the late 1980's. This is one of two mandolins Brian built under the supervisor of John at Wynn Mandolins. The back is Birdseye Maple and the heal & back of peghead are handcarved. It looks great and sounds wonderful. Brian is a talented musican who also plays the Dobro. If you ever see Brian playing his mandolin watch real close...he plays it upside down, he is left handed and the mandolin is strung like a "normal" right hand instrument.

Serial #-
Owner- Brian Grim
This is the second of two mandolins built by Brian under the guidance of John Wynn. This F-Style mandolin was beautifully crafted in the 1980's. Notice the close up photo of the "3rd point" A great looking and sounding mandolin...of course!

Serial#- 36198036
Owner- Berry Wynn
This masterpiece was recently acquired by Berry. He happened upon it and bought it. Some features about this Mandolin include; Willow top, Walnut back with inlay and detailed peghead and fretboard. According to John Wynn this is one of his "Wynnstay" models that have become collector's items due to their limited number and design.

Serial #- 19197819 Jesse McReynolds Model
Owner- Bob Dunlap Ottawa, KS
This Wynn was built in 1978 for Kevin Dunlap of West Plains, MO. Upon his passing he willed it to his brother, Bob Dunlap. Recently Mr. Wynn was in the West Plains, MO area and was approached by a man who was carrying a mandolin case. He introduced himself to Mr. Wynn and said he had something in the case he thought he might recognize. Upon opening the case Mr. Wynn discovered one of his treasures he had not seen in almost 30 years. Bob then explained that his brother had left him this wonderful Wynn upon his passing.
This is a Jesse McReynolds Model and #19 in the Wynn series of "F-Style" mandolins. Some interesting points; notice the fretboard- it is a series of fans as they "open up" from top to bottom which is a continuation of the fan on the peghead. According to Mr. Wynn the pattern for the inlay on the peghead came from the design on an old chair Kevin had in his home. The bottom right picture is a closeup of the serial #.
This is a wonderful gift left to Bob by his brother Kevin. This is how you pass on great family traditions!

Serial #- not assigned
Owner- Chuck Waterworth Jr.
This mandolin was built in 1984 by John Wynn. The back and sides are of Sycamore wood and the top is Spruce. It is a great sounding mandolin. The unique story about this mandolin is that it was stolen from Chuck's home many years ago. He thought it was gone but it was not, some time later it was offered for sale by another person. Chuck followed up and discovered it was his mandolin. Chuck bought the Wynn a second time, the original thief was not found. The moral of this story- Document your Wynn with both photos and details about it. They are such unique instruments they are bound to show up and someone will recognize it.

Name- "MR MNDO" (Mr. Mandolin)
Serial #- 62198362
Owner- Russ Weeks Buffalo, MO
This Wynn was built in 1983, is #62 of the "F-Style" Wynns and is a Squire Wynnstay Model. John Wynn said he originally built it for himself, the back is Luan wood from the Hawaiian Islands with a Spruce front. It has "rounded edges" which were patterned after a Russian fiddle John had in his shop at the time. John said a young man in his teens came into his shop one day and wanted to buy the mandolin. John advised the young man it was not for sale but the young man was persistent. Russ Weeks was the young man's name and after a few attempts he was able to talk John into selling him the mandolin. Russ said as a teenager he had to sacrifice selling a "dirt bike and my Dad threw in some money too" in order for him to make the purchase. It would be one of the best investments Russ ever made in his life.
Russ Weeks is the owner of Week Music Store in Buffalo, MO. His life long love of music and his great mandolin playing abilities has created a way of life for him.
Some interesting points about this Wynn; When it was originally purchased it did not have all the detailed inlay on the fretboard. Russ took it back to John several years later and had him inlay the "Tree of Life" on it. It has been played so much Russ said it had been refretted numerous times. It is the mandolin featured on his CD "Russ Weeks."
A story Russ shared about this mandolin; he said whenever there is a jam going on and he begins to play his mandolin people will gather around him and want to know "what kind" it is. The great tone and chop this mandolin has is unmatched. Russ said he has had numerous people want to buy it and has been offered thousands for it. In fact when he let a friend who owns one of those $25,000 mandolins play it, the friend tried to purchase this Wynn from Russ. Bottom line is; Russ said this Wynn is not for sale!

Serial #- 61198361
Owner- Jim Luttrell

This Wynn is a Squire Wynnstay Model built by John Wynn in 1983, it is #61 of the "F-Style" Wynn Mandolins. It has a beautiful buryl Walnut back along with Walnut sides and a Spruce top. The owner is one of the pioneers of the Ozark brand of Country Swing, Hillbilly (Folk) and Country music. 

Update- As of April 2009 Berry Wynn now owns this Wynn.

Owner- Frank Sox Lexington, SC

Serial #- 78198978

This Wynn has a great story behind it, first of all this was the Wynn that was to belong to Betty Wynn, John's wife. John was building it in secret and did not want Betty to see it before it was completed. However the surprise was spoiled when Betty walked into the shop one day and saw it before it was completed. John said his surprise was spoiled and so he sold it with the intention of building another one in secret. Special items to note about this Wynn; the entire peghead and fretboard is abalone inlay. The back is handcraved by John Wynn and has hundreds of hours of detailing. The owner is Frank Sox who lives in South Carolina and is a collector of Wynn Mandolins. Frank also builts mandolins.

Owner- Frank Sox Lexington, SC
Serial #- 919757
This is what John Wynn described as his "Bicentenial Model" Wynn. He built this in in late 1975 and it has a quilted maple back, Spruce top, inlayed abalone around the top and a special "Wynn" design inlayed on the peghead.

Owner- Frank Sox, Lexington SC
Serial #- 58198258
This Wynn is #58 of the F-Style Wynn Mandolins. It has a Mahognany back, notice the unusual Flower pot inlay on the peghead.

Owner- Frank Sox, Lexington SC
Serial #- 67198467
This Wynn is #67 of the F-Style Wynn's. It has a beautiful clear finish to allow view of the curly Maple back. The peghead and fretboard abalone inlays are more examples of the unique designs by John Wynn.

Owner- Frank Sox Lexington, SC
Serial # 24197824
This is a Jesse McReynolds model Wynn with a beautiful maple back and unique peghead inlay. It was built in 1978 and is #24 in the f style Wynns.

Owner- Frank Sox Lexington, SC
Serial #- 34197934
This is another of the Jesse McReynolds model Wynns. It has a beautiful Ash back and inlay of the Tree of Life on the fretboard. Mr. Wynn used a different pattern for his name on the peghead to accentuate the beautiful inlay. It is #34 of the F style Wynns and was built in 1979.

Owner- Ricky Bateman Oklahoma  
New owner- Frank Sox, Lexington SC
Serial #-
This is probably the oldest Wynn posted to date. From the design and inlay of The Wynn on the peghead it is believed to be from 1975. Notice the double binding as seen on the peghead and the beautifully designed inlay on peghead. It has a birdseye Maple back and Spruce top. Mr. Bateman said the mandolin was purchased from an unknown person by his father who then gave it to him. He also advised it has great tone and sound.
Ricky Bateman sold this mandolin to Frank Sox in November 2007.

Owner- Frank Sox Lexington, SC
Serial # 55198255

This Wynn was custom made for Frank in 1982. It has great detailed inlay on front with the Tree of Life on fretboard and name on the back. If you look on the Wynn Capsule Page you will see a younger John Wynn holding this mandolin prior to it being shipped to Frank. This is a beautifully detailed Wynn that was a favorite of Mr. Wynn's.

Owner- Frank Sox Lexington, SC
Serial #- 34197934
This is one of the few A-Model Wynns built. It has a great looking Maple back and unique peghead inlay of JW. On the label of this mandolin is the name Ruby. In the early days of building mandolins Mr. Wynn would name his mandolins after the ladies in his family. Ruby is one of Mr. Wynn's sisters and this mandolin was named in her honor.

Owner- Frank Sox, Lexington SC
Serial # 56198256
This is #56 of the F-Style Wynn Mandolins.

Owner- Frank Sox, Lexington SC
Serial #- 79198979
This Wynn has a 3 piece Maple back, a trademark of Wynn Mandolins. It is #79 of the F-Style Wynns and another from the collection of Frank Sox.

Owner- Chuck Jenkins
Serial #- None assigned
This is a Wynn built in the early 1980's according to Mr. Wynn. It has a Mahogany back with black binding on the front. A great looking and sounding Wynn mandolin!

Owner- Frank Sox, Lexington SC
Serial # 41198041
This is one of the few Rosewood backed Mandolins Mr. Wynn built. It has a beautiful grain pattern from two pieces of Rosewood.

Owner- Frank Sox, Lexington SC
Serial # 60198360
This Wynn has two unique features, the peghead and the three piece burl Walnut back. This great Wynn is number 60 of the F-Style Wynn Mandolins.

Owner- Chuck Aderhold
Model- Helen J-3
Serial #- 18197818
This Wynn is unique in several ways. It is one of a very few mandolins Mr. Wynn built with the oval hole. It is one of the early J-3 Models which bears the name Helen. Mr. Wynn built several mandolins in the early days in tribute to the women in his family. He would put the name of one of the ladies of "his people" inside along with the serial number. Helen is Mr. Wynn's sister and this mandolin was built in her honor. It has a beautiful quilted maple back and if you will notice as you look at the front view on the right side the shoulder is sloped, another unique feature. Around the oval hole he inlayed several pieces of abalone as a border.

Owner- Brad Sarno
Serial #- 23197823
I thought I had seen the prettiest burl walnut on a mandolin until I saw this one. This Wynn comes to us from Brad Sarno, St. Louis, MO. A Jesse McReynolds model built in 1978 this Wynn is a great sounding, wonderful looking mandolin.

Owner- Timothy Haygood Branson, MO
Serial #-
This Wynn was built in the mid-1980's. It was originally built for Marjorie Perry of Rogersville, MO. Ms. Perry put it up for sale at Hoover Music in Springfield MO. Timothy Haygood of The Haygoods is now the proud owner. It is now played daily at The Haygoods show in Branson, MO.

Keep checking back, I'm sure there are more Wynn's out there that need to be posted!


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