Wynn Mandolins built in the 1990's

Model- Deluxe
Serial #- 1990
Owner- George Giddens  Appalachian Mountains, USA

This is another recent find in the long list of Great Wynn Mandolins.  Recently John Wynn got a phone call from an old friend, George Giddens wanting some minor adjustments done to his Wynn mandolin.  John met George and completed the work then met them to deliver the Wynn and snap these great photos. This Wynn was built for George in 1990 and is Maple with a Cedar Top.  George is an outstanding fiddle and mandolin player from the Appalachian Mountains.  He has performed for many different shows in Branson, MO.  He now picks with another of John Wynn's old friends from years ago in California, Rodney Dillard of The Dillards. Many of you will remember Rodney as the quiet guitar picking member of The Darlings on The Andy Griffith Show.

Model- Standard
Serial # 1011991101
Owner- Ray Eugene Rogers, Protem MO

This Wynn had found it's way back to the shop via an estate sale, Mr. Wynn purchased it knowing that it was a great Wynn who needed a home. As is his custom, orphaned Wynn's are carefully checked for needed updates or repairs. Then they are played regularly until a new owner is found. Ray Rogers is the lucky owner of this Wynn. It has a Mahogany Back, Spruce Top and a great inlay on the peghead. Upon playing this Wynn in the shop, Ray decided to take it home for what we hope are years of enjoyment.

Name- Star
Serial # 96199196
Owner- Cliff Day St. Charles, MO
Pastor Cliff is the proud owner of two Wynns, Granny which is on the right and Star on the left and pictured above. Star had found it's way to Morgan Music in Lebanon, MO. Pastor Cliff had placed a phone call to Morgan Music and was looking for another mandolin. He was advised Star was in the store and it was a great sounding mandolin. He hung up the phone, got in the car and drove straight to Lebanon. Upon playing Star, Pastor Cliff found that it was another great sounding Wynn and he purchased her. It has a Walnut back and Spruce top. Star and Granny are played regularly at praise sessions at the church. Both are passing along the wonderful music Mr. Wynn intended for them to make.

Serial #- 1031992
Owner- Nancy Cardwell Nashville, TN

This Wynn was built in 1992 and has a beautiful Birdseye Maple back and Western Red Cedar top that was glued together and planed by Nancy's late husband Frank Erdos, a bluegrass musician and luthier. The Birdseye Maple back has a strip of Holly down the center, this wood was given to Frank by Ellis Truett a close family friend from Tennessee. Frank died of cancer in March 1989 before the mandolin could be completed. Nancy had John Wynn go ahead and finish it for her. Nancy's name is written inside the instrument, the inlay of the planet Saturn is on the peghead. Nancy said she gets a lot of compliments on the appearance of this Wynn along with it's beautiful tone.

Name- Blondie
Serial #
Berry Wynn
This is the famous Blondie mandolin so loved by Berry. It is a great sounding mandolin, ask him to rip off a tune the next time you see him with it.

Name- Chocolate
Serial #
Berry Wynn
Berry has this thing about naming his mandolins. In fact it has led many of us to follow in his footsteps and name our own. Why do we name our mandolins? Because they all have a sound and character of their own.

Serial # 1938 1968
John Wynn Jr.
The serial number on this mandolin may look unusual to you. However it has significant meaning to John Jr. It represents the year his father was born along with his birth year.

Serial #

Steve Miller Springfield,MO

According to Steve the only way he will part with his Wynn is "when you unwrap my cold dead fingers off of it." Till death do us part...applies to more than marriage vows.

Owner- Jim Cox Springfield,MO
Name- Baby Wynn
During the mid-1990's Mr. Wynn worked on a design he had seen in a book for another musical instrument. He made two mandolins with this body design and one of them is owned by Jim Cox. When Jim saw this mandolin he knew he wanted it and so he bought it. At the time he named it "Baby Wynn." It is made of Ozarks Sassafras and Jim has added an electric pickup (blasphemy) to this instrument. Jim loves his Baby Wynn and is proud to know he owns one of only two in existance.

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