Wynn Mandolins built 2000-2007

Model- Wynn Deluxe
Serial#- 1542005
Owner- Everett Ament   Aurora, MO

This Wynn is #154 and was built in 2005.  It has a Walnut back and Spruce top with binding on all sides. Mr. Ament told me he waited almost 2 years for his Wynn and it was "well worth the wait." 

Model- Deluxe
Serial #- 1472005
Owner- Bill Horn, Pine Bluff Arkansas

This Wynn has a Poplar back and Spruce top. It has a superb tone and plays easily, another great Wynn.

Mandolin name: Red Pepper
Serial #: 2006-159
Owner: Pepper Jackson
Note- The back of this mandolin is a solid piece of burl walnut from S.W. Missouri. John Wynn also used walnut harvested from the Jackson home place in the neck and peg head. The abalone inlay of the "Red Pepper" on the peg head is the owner's trademark.

Serial # - 2005-153
Owner- Casey
This is a special mandolin made for a special granddaughter by Grandfather John Wynn.

Serial # - 2004-152
Owner- Hannah
This is a special mandolin made for a special granddaughter by Grandfather John Wynn.

Name- The Nicole
Serial # 2006-160
Owner- Nicole Pey
Note- A special present for a special daughter from Dad.

Serial # 2003-145
Owner- Kirk Pey

Serial # 2004-149
Owner- L. Davis, Esq. Springfield, MO
This Wynn is special to it's owner. Mr. Davis is a collector of historic Bluegrass Musician autographs. The back of this Wynn displays the signatures of many great mandolin pickers including; Bobby Osborne and Doyle Lawson just to name a couple.

Serial #- 2007-161
Owner- Allen Wolf Republic, MO

Name- The Traveling Mandolin
Serial #- 2007- 162
This Wynn is about to embark on a year-long journey throughout the State of Missouri. As part of the University of Missouri Cultural Heritage Program this Wynn will be displayed at numerous schools. John Wynn was picked due to his rich heritage in building Mandolins from woods native to the Ozarks. The back of this Wynn is a three piece walnut with a buryl pattern in the wood. The inlays on each of the points on the front is abalone. Look for updates on the website as to where this Wynn is at and scheduled visits to a school near you.

Serial #- 2007-163
Owner- Wesley Probst Nashville, TN
This Wynn was completed on June 3, 2007. The proud owner works in the music industry with both Brooks & Dunn and Dolly Parton. Probably going to be some Bluegrass pickin' on future bus trips. By the way Mr. Probst, I took the liberty to pick a few tunes on this before it was boxed up...it sounds great!!!

Serial #- 2007-164
Owner- Bill Jones Chico, CA
This proud owner has been trying to buy a Wynn for a number of years. After several attempts to purchase a used one, Mr. Jones found it easier to just buy a new Wynn. Completed on June 7, 2007. By the way Mr. Jones I picked a few tunes on it before it was boxed up to be shipped...it sounds great!!!

Serial #- 144-2001
Owner- Mark Boyd

Serial #- 2004-148
Owner- Jenine Bacon
Max & Jenine Bacon have a music show in Branson, MO. The Ozark Mountain Jubilee is great family entertainment with great music. It must be, there is a Wynn Mandolin involved.

Owner- Frank Sox Lexington SC
Serial #- 1382000
This Wynn is another of the Frank Sox Collection of Wynn Mandolins. It has a 3 piece Walnut back which is a trademark of John Wynn. It was built in 2000 and is #138 of the F-Style Wynn Mandolins.

Name- The Cross
Serial # 1662007166
Owner- Billy Cummins
This Wynn was a special order from a gentleman who wanted to display a symbol of his faith on the back of this mandolin. Mr. Wynn was able to insert the cross made from walnut into the maple back. The result was this beautiful mandolin.

Name- Falling Leaves
Serial # - 1652007165
Owner- Tatamecca Maggard
The owner of this Wynn wanted leaves inlayed on the fretboard. Mr. Wynn took it one step further, as he looked at his initial design he felt the leaves needed something to fall into. The results was this fantastic creation. Notice the details on the basket, one can almost touch the wicker and wire handle. This beautiful Wynn will undoubtedly be a great conversation piece for years to come!

Name- Hickernut
Serial #- 1462001146
Owner- Frank Sox, Lexington SC
This Wynn was built for Frank Sox as a prototype in 2001. Mr. Wynn said he was not sure where he was headed with this mandolin but wanted to create something smaller. Notice there is no inlay on the peghead, nor any type of custom features. It is made of Sasafras wood. Mr. Wynn said the name is based on the fact the mandolin has the shape of a "hickory nut." When you pronounce the name, as many do, in the Ozarks dialect; it sounds like "hickernut." As with most all of the Wynn mandolins, this is one of a kind.

More pictures will be posted soon, keep checking back!
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