Wynns built in 2008

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1782008178
Owner- Butch McCleary   Ava, MO

This Wynn was designed to share the love of a particular brand of motorcycle the owner likes.  The inlays on the peghead and fretboard are familiar designs.  The Maple back and Spruce top have a unique black finish that gives them the appearance of metal.  It is a great sounding mandolin that has a particular "roar" about it.

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1772008177
Owner- Karen Duncan,  Springfield MO

This beautiful Wynn is constructed of a burl Walnut back and Spruce top. The blond colored top with natural finish on the rest of the mandolin creates a unique look.  The gold medallion insert on the peghead is of a lady playing a mandolin and has special meaning to the owner.  This Wynn was completed on 12-24-2008, Merry Christmas Ms. Duncan! (The arm you see in the first photo is that of the famous luthier, John Wynn)

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1762008176
Owner- Roger Williams  Kimberling City, MO

On a cold and snowy day Roger came to the shop to collect his treasure, a new Wynn mandolin.  This Wynn is handcrafted of a figured Maple back and Spruce top.  As an add-on, Roger requested a solid cast tailpiece.  When he picked it up Roger wanted to have his picture taken by the famous woodstove, a fixture in the Red Barn.  Dozens of Wynn mandolins have been handcrafted by the heat of this stove and hundreds of tunes have been picked on Wynn instruments as the cold wind blew outside.

Pictures will be posted soon!

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1752008175
Owner- Tom Stacey  Michigan

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1732008173
Owner- Vic Petty, Huntsville, Alabama
This "wine colored" Wynn was built for Mr. Petty after he paid a visit to the shop. After seeing one of Mr. Wynn's creations he knew he had to have one for himself. This Wynn has a Maple back and Spruce top. It also has the inlay of The Little Dutch Lady (which you can read more about on the Did you know page). In addition this Wynn is the first to have new look Wynn inlayed on the peghead (more details on the Did you know page).

Model- J-3 Deluxe
Serial #- 1742008174
Owner- Gary Nicklos Omaha, Arkansas

The owner of this Wynn wanted to display his love of both his music and faith. The result was this unique Wynn. The inlay of the Cross & Crown on the peghead along with the phase Jesus Saves on the back are both beautifully done. The white trim binding accentuates the eye catching green color the owner picked. It has a Walnut back and Spruce top that produce a wonderful tone.

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1722008172
Owner- Kris Edwards Harrison, Arkansas

Kris is the proud owner of his first Wynn. This Wynn has a blanket Maple back, Spruce top and block inlays on the fretboard. The flower pot inlay on the peghead is a great design that Mr. Wynn developed.

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1712008171
Owner- Richard O'Dell Caulfield, MO

Richard is the proud owner of his second Wynn Mandolin. This Wynn has a beautiful burl Walnut back, along with Spruce front. The inlay on the peghead was a unique creation by Mr. Wynn. He wanted something colorful and unusual, this was the result. You can see Richard's other Wynn on the 1970's-80's Page. The Little Dutch Lady is his.

Model- The Mule
Name- Rufus
Serial #- 1702008170
Owner- Jeff Dunlap Nixa, MO

The owner of this Wynn has a love of both Bulldogs and Mandolins. When he chose to have a custom built mandolin he turned to John Wynn to create this gem. Rufus was created and the results left Jeff speechless. The abalone inlay of Rufus the Bulldog, paw prints on the fingerboard and the beautiful burl Walnut back are examples of John Wynn's craftsmanship. This Wynn has a deep, rich BARK that is accentuated by strong A & E strings.

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1692008169
Owner- Julz DeRousse St. Louis, MO

This Wynn was completed on February 22, 2008. It has a deep, rich Wine color and is constructed with Poplar sides, back and a Spruce top. The unique touch to this Wynn is the owner's name inlayed on the fingerboard and an inlay of the Little Dutch Lady on the peghead.

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1682008168
Owner- Terry Rogers Omaha, Arkansas

This Wynn was completed on February 2, 2008. It has a Maple back along with The Little Dutch Lady inlayed on the peghead.
Photographer note- Due to the rich finish Mr. Wynn uses at times it is difficult to avoid reflections outdoors. For this reason I have added an additonal photo of the back to show the beautiful woodgrain.

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1672008167
Owner- Bob Miller (Fly By Night Band) Springfield, MO

Bob is the owner of the first Wynn completed in 2008. This great looking Wynn has a Walnut back, neck and sides. Upon completion Mr. Wynn picked a few songs on this Wynn and said "it's gonna be a great mandolin." Bob is the banjo player for the band Fly By Night, he may have a difficult time picking which instrument to play. Congratulations Bob and enjoy this wonderful Wynn.

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