Wynns built in 2009

Model- The Mule
Serial # 1872009187
Owner- Justin Velten  Montgomery, AL

This Wynn is the last one handcrafted in 2009. It has a Spruce top and Walnut back along with the unique abalone flower pot designed by John Wynn. This Wynn has an exceptional tone & chop from the time it was strung up. It will undoubtedly become a "Hoss" as it gains some age. Congrats Justin, enjoy your new Wynn.

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1822009182
Owner- John Martin  Strafford, MO
This Wynn
is handcrafted from Spruce & Walnut, it has the Little Dutch Lady inlay. John said he looks forward to coming home and playing this mandolin.  It has a wonderful tone and has received many compliments.

Model- The Mule
Serial # 1862009186
Owner- Deb Bailey,  Columbia MO

After a long wait Deb finally got her new Wynn Mandolin on 9-10-09.  It was a magical moment and her comment "it was worth every dollar I paid for it" were words of joy to Mr. Wynn.
Mr. Wynn incorporated a rounded edge body to this great mandolin, it feels wonderful as you play it.  In what has become a popular color combination, it has a natural finish Spruce top along with a fantastic Quilted Maple back stained and shaded.  The "Little Dutch Lady" inlay on the peghead is a reminder of the Welsh Heritage of the Wynn family.

Model- The Standard
Serial # 1852009185
Owner- Ryan Winters, Ozark MO

He has been waiting a long time for this Wynn, however Ryan was pleasantly surprised when he picked up his mandolin.  This Wynn has some great inlays, beautiful three piece back and most importantly a wonderful tone. The top is Douglas Fir and the body/back is Maple.

Model- The Standard
Serial # 1842009184
Owner- Pepper Jackson  Halltown, MO

This is the first Wynn mandolin handcrafted by Apprentice Luthier Pepper Jackson under the guidance of Master Luthier John Wynn. It is constructed with an Engelman Spruce top and Quilted/Birdseye Maple back & neck. The arm rest on the front is Zebra wood. It is stained with a "Honey" color with slight shading around the edges. It has a great tone and has the traditional Wynn "woody chop." I want to personally thank Mr. Wynn for his patience and fatherly guidance in the construction of the great Wynn mandolin- Pepper Jackson

Model- The Mule
Serial # 1832009183
Owner- Thomas Stacey  Owasso, Michigan

This Wynn is a handcrafted with Spruce and Walnut. The one piece back has a great looking pattern. This is Thomas first Wynn Mandolin, he currently owns two Wynn Banjos. This mandolin has the Wynn trademark "woody chop" and is a great sounding Wynn.

The Mule
Serial #-
Chris Jackson, Halltown MO
This is the "Hog Mando" and is the second Wynn mandolin handcrafted by apprentice luthier Pepper Jackson under the guidance of Master luthier John Wynn.  This Wynn has a Engelmann Spruce top, the rest of the mandolin is Walnut wood harvested from the farm of Pepper Jackson.  It has an Arkansas Razorback cut from Ivory and scrimshawed then inlayed into the peghead. It also has a beautiful Burl Walnut armrest which was incorporated into the tailpiece.  This Wynn was a graduation present to Pepper's son, Chris.


Model- Deluxe
Serial #- 1792009179
Owner- James Radar  West Plains, MO

This Wynn is the first one completed in 2009.  It is the Deluxe model with binding on both front & back. It has a figured Maple back and Spruce top.  The beautiful flower pot inlay is a mainstay in the John Wynn collection. It also has a Monteleone tailpiece which was an add-on requested by the owner.  James also has an older A-Model Wynn.

Model- The Mule
Serial #- 1802009180
Owner- Gene Skinner  Springfield, MO

This Wynn is handcrafted of Sassafras a native Ozark wood along with a Spruce top.  This Wynn has a wonderful tone and is finished in deep wine color with the Wynn flower pot inlay on the peghead.  Gene is the radio host of Great Stuff & Great Stuff Gospel a nation wide radio program featuring Bluegrass music.  Gene and Mr. Wynn are pictured sharing a few moments of listening to this great Wynn before Gene took it home.  Congratulations Gene, maybe we will hear you pickin your Wynn mandolin from the little cabin on the banks of the Gasconade River.

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