Photos of "one of a kind Wynns"

The Wynn Gourd Fiddle
A few years ago John Wynn traveled to Mountain View Arkansas for a jam session with some of his friends. During that trip Mr. Wynn saw a fiddle someone had made out of an old Gourd. Expect this person had taken parts of a fiddle and adapted it to the Gourd. The idea kind of lingered in Mr. Wynn's mind for a while. He thought about how years ago people created instruments out of whatever they had available, these were true folk instruments. With this in mind Mr. Wynn decided to built himself a Gourd Fiddle. He took the gourd and handcrafted a top, peghead and fingerboard to fit.  While Mr. Wynn will probably not be recognized to the level of Antonio Stradivarius for his accomplishment...he no doubt has one of the most unique and best sounding Gourd Fiddles in the world and there is only one of them.

Serial # "The only 1"
John Wynn Jr.
This is a special one of a kind fiddle. John Wynn built this fiddle from an old railroad tie. Notice the detailed inlay on the front and back of the fiddle. The peghead is handcarved scroll work. It has great tone and sound according to John Jr. This instrument has been retired from playing due to the significant sentimental value.

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